Full Coverage Foundation Tips for a Naturally Flawless Look

Think full coverage foundation means a heavy, cakey base? Think again. With the right radiance-boosting formula and makeup artist techniques, you can achieve a flawless finish that looks entirely natural. Keep scrolling to discover the dream base routine for days when you want a little extra coverage…

Model applying full coverage foundation

Good Foundations

The building blocks of the perfect base starts with a good primer. Try Miracle Prep Illuminating & Hydrating Primer for a lit-from-within glow or neutralise the appearance of redness and rosacea with a touch of Miracle Prep Colour Correcting & Cooling Primer. Smooth your chosen formula onto cleansed and moisturised skin, and remember: the more hydrated your base is, the more easily a full coverage foundation will glide on.

Tip: To wake up your skin and get a little extra glow, massage your primer in circular motions and tap cheekbones with fingertips to boost circulation.

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation

All in the Application

For the most natural finish to your full coverage foundation, it’s essential that you find the correct shade. When choosing yours, stand in natural light and swatch in three places: across your cheek, your jawline and your neck.

Dot your chosen shade of the beautifully buildable Radiant Lift Foundation onto the centre of your face, then lightly buff outwards towards cheeks and into the hairline for a natural, soft-focus finish. If you prefer a sponge applicator, blot upwards and outwards to cover all areas of the skin, using the tip or edge of the sponge to get into any creases around the nose, chin and eyes. For a completely seamless finish, use fingertips to give your foundation a final press into the skin, so the formula melts in without a trace.

Model applying full coverage foundation

Finishing Touches

We all have skin concerns we’d like to cover at times, from rosacea and blemishes to dark circles and pigmentation. Once you’ve applied foundation, dot and blend concealer only where you need it – this stops the finish from looking too heavy. Radiant Lift Concealer has a sponge tip applicator to keep things light.

Finally, set full coverage foundation into place with a sweep of Miracle Veil Loose Powder, dusted on using a big, fluffy brush along the t-zone and underneath eyes. Then, close your eyes and spritz Lasting Performance Setting Spray over skin. Not only will it make your full coverage foundation last longer, but it will refresh your complexion, too. Flawless.

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