4 Unexpected Ways to Use Translucent Powder

The unsung hero of your makeup bag? Translucent powder. Veiling your skin with this finely-milled, light-as-air powder can dust away midday shine, extend the wear of your foundation and leave skin with that soft-focus finish we all dream about. But it doesn’t stop there: your tiny compact of sheer powder is the ultimate makeup multi-tasker. Follow our makeup artist-approved tips and tricks on how to use translucent powder to transform your beauty routine. It’s all in the technique. Have you got a pen?

1. Baking Makeup

Step away from the kitchen – this type of baking is best done at room temperature. A makeup artist technique used on the red carpet for years, baking essentially means allowing translucent powder to sit on top of foundation and concealer for a few minutes, while the natural heat from your skin warms up the formulas and sets them into place. Once powder has been dusted off, your skin is left with an airbrushed, Instagram-filtered finish. Hello, camera-ready skin.

To bake your way to a flawless base, always start by moisturising skin for a smooth canvas. We recommend massaging in a little extra eye cream to hydrate the delicate under-eye area. Once absorbed, smooth Radiant Lift Foundation onto freshly-moisturised skin using a tapered brush, then apply Radiant Lift Concealer in even strokes under eyes, starting from the side of your nose and finishing at the outer corner of your eye, by the top of your cheekbone. Blend using a damp sponge, then dust a heavy layer of Miracle Veil Loose Powder on top of concealer. Wait for five minutes to ‘bake’. Then, sweep away powder and blend away any harsh edges with a small concealer brush. You’ve officially won your technical baking challenge.

2. Fixing Lipstick

Translucent powder isn’t just used for creating the perfect base. This expert tip will ensure your red lipstick lasts from happy hour ‘til home time. Start with smooth, moisturised lips for a perfectly prepped base. Buff Miracle Prep Lip Scrub over dry lips, removing any rough patches, then smooth on a little moisturiser to hydrate. Once fully-absorbed, glide on your shade of Velvet Mattes Lipstick, using the precision tip to accentuate your cupid’s bow. Blot with tissue and reapply for extra coverage, then hold a sheer layer of tissue over lips. Swirl a fluffy brush into Miracle Veil Loose Powder and dust the formula over the tissue, leaving a light layer of translucent powder over lips for a long-lasting finish. No touch ups necessary.

3. Stopping Eyeshadow Fall-Out

Is there anything more annoying than when you’ve just finished the perfect smokey eye, only to realise your eyeshadow has made it halfway down your face? Say goodbye to eyeshadow fallout: A sweep of translucent powder has got you covered. Once you’ve created your flawless base, apply a heavy layer of Miracle Veil Loose Powder underneath eyes and down to cheeks. After swathing lids in every smokey shade from your Masterpiece Nude Palette, take a big, fluffy brush and sweep away translucent powder from under eyes, taking with it any eyeshadow fallout. The result? The perfect smokey eye and the perfect base.

4. Volumising Lashes

Forget falsies: Here’s how to turn up the volume on your lash look in seconds. Before applying mascara, dust a small amount of Miracle Veil Loose Powder onto bare lashes using an eyeshadow brush. The translucent powder acts like a lash-plumping, volumising fibre, bulking out lashes and prepping for mascara. Then, sweep False Lash Effect Mascara through lashes, starting as close to the root as possible. Push the spoolie brush upwards in a zig-zag motion until you reach the tip of lashes, holding the wand at the top for a few seconds to lock in curl. Repeat to coat every lash for bigger, bolder, full-bodied volume.

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