How to Apply Concealer for Every Skin Concern

Blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation… Your skin is beautiful with or without them, but on those days when you want a little cover-up, there’s no better product than a concealer. The question is, how do you apply concealer for every skin concern? Because – trust us – no makeup artist treats under-eyes and breakouts with the same application technique. That’s why we’re breaking down how to apply concealer for dark circles, blemishes and pigmentation, equipping you with all the MUA tricks you need for a flawless base. Keep scrolling to upgrade your makeup regimen…

How to Apply Concealer for Dark Circles

What You Need: Go for a light-reflective concealer that bounces shadows away from the under-eye area. We love Radiant Lift Concealer, which veils under-eyes in a radiant finish that instantly makes you look more awake.

How to Apply: So many of us simply swipe concealer beneath our eyes in a semi-circle, but we should actually be applying it in a triangular shape to brighten the entire under-eye area. The cushion on Radiant Lift Concealer makes this easy; use it to glide the cover-up on in an upside-down triangle, so that the base hugs your lower lash line and the point touches the centre of your cheek. Then, use your ring finger to lightly diffuse and blend the concealer. We use the ring fingers because it’s the weakest, so it won’t irritate the delicate skin around your eyes.

How to Apply Concealer for Blemishes

What You Need: When you have a breakout, it’s tempting to go overboard with a concealer. However, if you want a natural finish, a targeted cover-up directly on the spot is always best. Try colour correcting with Colour Corrector Stick: The Reducer; a green crayon that dials down the redness in an angry blemish and blends with every skin tone.

How to Apply: After primer but before foundation, dot the concealer directly onto the blemish in a small circle. Then, use a clean makeup brush or fingertips to blend the edges of the circle outwards, so the breakout is concealed and the colour corrector appears seamless. Once you’ve covered the breakout, apply a CC cream or foundation over the top. We recommend Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation, which is oil-free and medium to full coverage – perfect for blemish-prone skin.

How to Apply Concealer for Dark Spots

What You Need: A full coverage concealer is best for disguising dark spots, and Facefinity All Day Flawless Concealer is the dreamiest pick. Although it has enough pigment to help camouflage any hyperpigmentation, it feels ultra-lightweight on skin, giving you a hyper-real skin finish. Plus, Flexi-hold™ advanced technology allows it to last all day, so dark spots appear minimised from morning ‘til night.

How to Apply: Prime skin and apply foundation first. Then, use Facefinity All Day Flawless Concealer’s magic wand to precisely target the dark spot, ensuring you cover the entire area. Use your fingertip to press and blend the concealer into skin, before setting with a translucent powder. Miracle Veil Loose Powder is our go-to for a silky canvas.

More Concealer Tricks

• Concealer can be used as a shimmer-free highlighter when you’re contouring. Get the look with Facefinity All Day Flawless Concealer in a shade lighter than your skin tone and glide it along the high points of your face; the bridge of your nose, tops of cheekbones, brow bones and the cupid’s bow.

• For an extra eye-awakening boost, use the back of your hand as a palette, and mix concealer with a drop of liquid highlighter (like Miracle Glow Pro Universal Highlighter) and a dot of eye cream. Then, tap this cocktail of pore-perfecters under eyes and over eyelids for a dewy look.

• Did you know? Concealer can also be used to correct makeup mistakes. Use a small makeup brush, like an eyeliner brush, to touch up the outer edge of your red lipstick or neaten your winged eyeliner.

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