5 of the Best Concealer Tricks for Dark Circles

Dealing with dark circles? We know the feeling. Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to get eight hours sleep, and the signs of a late night are all too visible under our eyes. That’s when we call on the very best, makeup artist-approved tips for covering dark circles; the kind that are quick and easy to do yet make all the difference to your makeup look. Try these tricks…

1. Find the Perfect Formula

The best concealer for dark circles is a formula that bounces light away from the dullness, so opt for light-reflective liquids over thicker, creamier pigments. Radiant Lift Concealer is the perfect pick, as it teams a luminous finish with nourishing vitamins to leave the entire eye area looking well-rested.

If you want one that works on blemishes, too, try Facefinity All Day Flawless Concealer, which harnesses Flexi-hold™ technology for medium coverage that moves with your skin. While it’s not as glowy as Radiant Lift, it gives you a natural yet polished look, and works well at camouflaging ultra-dark under-eyes.

2. Colour Correct Dark Circles

Colour correcting is your best kept secret for hiding the signs of too many late nights, as it helps to neutralise the blue, green and purple tones that circle tired eyes. Pay attention to the undertones of your dark circles, as this will help you choose your shade of colour corrector. The trick? It’s all about finding a pigment that’s opposite the shade of your dark circles on the colour wheel.

If your dark circles look bluish or purple, you want to tap on a yellow pigment, like Colour Corrector Stick: The Brightener. Meanwhile, green-tinted under-eyes will appear transformed with a swipe of a violet colour corrector. We love Colour Corrector Stick: The Revitaliser.

3. Match Your Shade to Your Look

Some makeup artists will tell you to choose a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, while others will recommend finding an exact match that blends with your complexion. Actually, the shade you choose comes down to the kind of look and finish you want to achieve – although finding one that works with your undertones is always a good idea.

For a contoured effect, go for the ‘one shade lighter’ approach on dark circles, applying a hue that’s just a touch brighter than your skin tone without going too pale and ashy. Meanwhile, getting a perfect match will create the most natural look, ensuring a flawless, seamless blend with the rest of your base.

4. Target the Inner Corners of Eyes

When covering dark circles, many focus on the area just below the lower lid. However, the inner corner of your eye is often the darkest part. Press your concealer directly on this spot using a sponge applicator, like the one built into our Radiant Lift Concealer or the wand with Facefinity All Day Flawless Concealer.

Then, use your fingertip to press a highlighter or pale eyeshadow over the top. The shimmer cream in Miracle Glow Duo is the dream, as it brightens without looking glittery.

5. Blend with Your Ring Finger

The skin around your eyes tends to be thinner and more delicate, and the last thing you want is to tug or drag eyelids, causing fine lines and dark circles. That’s why it’s important to be delicate when blending concealer under eyes, using your ring finger – which is the weakest, and therefore gentlest – to pat the edges of your cover-up.

Simply dot concealer under the eye area, not forgetting the inner corners and upper lids, then tap, tap, tap with your fingertip until you’ve perfected a seamless blend. Simple.

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