How to Master ‘90s Makeup Like a Supermodel

When you hear ‘90s makeup’, what’s the first thing you think of? For us, a legion of legendary supermodels and a palette of smokey, smudgy hues come to mind. The ‘90s were all about enhancing your natural features with a dose of catwalk-ready glam, and the looks were so dreamy, it’s no wonder they’re currently making a big comeback. So, let’s embrace a beauty throwback and take a look at the ‘90s makeup trends that are big for autumn ’19, from bold blue eyeshadow to dark smokey eyes and brown lipstick…

1. Blue Eyeshadow

The Trend

Blue eyeshadow is always trending, but the ‘90s take is our favourite way to wear it. Think deep, dark and dramatic with a soft, metallic sheen. While turquoise and aqua eyes are perfect for summer, ‘90s-inspired navy blue is ideal for autumn, lending a pop of colour to your Friday night wardrobe or party makeup look.

How to Apply

1. You want your blue to be bold, so prep your eyes with Miracle Prep Eyeshadow Primer, which creates a smooth canvas for pigment to pop, prevents creasing and locks your shadow down for longer.

2. Reach for a bold blue eyeshadow. We love Wild Eyeshadow Pot in Sapphire Rage, which can be applied with fingertips or a flat eyeshadow brush. Swathe over the entire lid from corner to corner for a veil of deep blue shimmer, then lightly trace it along the lower lash line.

3. Once you’ve built up your blue, apply Wild Eyeshadow Pot in Brazen Charcoal or Ferocious Black at the outer corner of the eye, then blend into the centre of the crease.

4. Finish your look with full, fluttery eyelashes. Try Volume Infusion Mascara, which gives you soft, sumptuous volume with zero clumps.

2. Brown Lipstick

The Trend

Nude lipstick has always been popular, but it was brown lipstick that reigned in the ‘90s, worn at least two shades darker than your natural skin tone for a statement-making finish. Add it back into your makeup bag for a bold lip that allows you to go minimal on eyes and cheeks, taking centre stage in dark chocolate, coffee, toffee and caramel tones.

How to Apply

1. Every statement lip should start with a scrub, so try Miracle Prep Lip Scrub; a lipstick-shaped exfoliator that you buff into lips to sweep away flakes and boost hydration. Massage in, let the nourishing coconut oil and vitamin E absorb, then gently blot the scrub away with a tissue or cleansing cloth.

2. Choose your brown lipstick shade. For colour that conditions, try Colour Elixir Lipstick in Rich Toffee if you’re fair, Rich Mocha if your skin tone is medium or Deep Mahogany if you have a darker skin tone. For a high-shine lip look, opt for our two-step Lipfinity Lip Colour in Caffeinated. Glide the colour on first, then apply the glossy top coat for a lustrous, long-lasting lipstick.

3. Blot your lipstick with a tissue, before applying a second coat. That second layer will leave you ready for all-day (and all-night) wear.

3. White Eyeliner

The Trend

One-part trend and one-part beauty hack, white eyeliner was one of the best-kept secrets of the ‘90s, instantly making eyes look more awake with the stroke of a pencil. The white liner was applied to the lower waterline only, camouflaging red rims caused by too many late nights. No wonder party-loving supermodels were obsessed.

How to Apply

1. The eye area is fragile, so you don’t want to pull at eyelids to expose the waterline. Instead, use your ring finger to delicately open eyes, as it’s the weakest and, therefore, most gentle.

2. Glide Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner in Metallic White inside the waterline. Just one stroke is all you need – it’s really that easy.

3. Frame your doe-eyed look with major volume. Sweep Lash Revival Volume Boosting Primer through eyelashes to plump, then apply Lash Revival Mascara over the top. The effect is so striking.

4. Brown Smokey Eyes

The Trend

The ‘90s smokey eye came in cappuccino tones with a matte, contoured finish, giving the appearance of bigger, brighter eyes. Night-out makeup, sorted. If you want to try this trend, swap your favourite silver, charcoal and shimmering copper eyeshadows for Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Cappuccino Nudes.

How to Apply

1. Opt for the matte shades in the palette. Start by shading the lid with the fourth shade from the left – a velvety taupe – and apply it from the lash line up to the crease.

2. Next, add definition. Using finer tip of the cushion applicator, apply the sixth from left shade – a deep chocolate – in the crease, from inner to outer corner. Then, at the outer edge of the crease, blend the darkest shade.

3. Trace the darkest shade along the lower lash line as a smokey liner. Then, tap the lightest hue on the inner corner of the eye to highlight. Finish with waterline eyeliner and mascara.

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