6 Long-Lasting Lipstick Tricks That Really Work

Whether you love a bold, matte red, a glow-boosting nude or a summery coral, long-lasting lipstick is a must in every lip lover’s makeup bag. And, the secret to veiling lips in long-wear colour? It all comes down to prep, application and finding a formula that lasts from brunch to bar without a smudge in sight. We’ve got you covered with these tips…

1. In the Buff

Scrub lips to perfection with Miracle Prep Lip Scrub. It looks like a lip balm, but this multi-tasking stick is actually a lip exfoliator and conditioner in one. Massage it over lips in circular motions to gently buff away dry patches, and a cocktail of coconut and vitamin E will pamper your pout to kissable softness. Then, gently blot the scrub away to reveal the smoothest canvas for long-lasting lipstick.

2. Back to Bases

Want your lip colour to really pop? Blend a touch of foundation or concealer over your lips as a base, and it will neutralise any natural pinky tones that alter the shade of your lipstick. Not only will this ensure your lipstick appears entirely true to tone, but it will also give the pigment something to hold on to, meaning it stays on for longer.

3. Stay in Line

Nothing boosts a long-lasting lipstick quite like a lip liner, and Color Elixir Lip Liner is our go-to for easy lining, defining and filling. Choose a shade that closely matches your lipstick, then start by drawing an ‘X’ on the centre of your upper lip, with the highest points reaching the two peaks of your Cupid’s bow. Next, continue to trace the outline of your lip shape, then shade lips in. The creamy, dreamy texture of the pencil will act as an anchor for the colour you glide over the top.

4. Find a Formula

All of our lipsticks offer long-wear colour, but how do you choose the best long-lasting lipstick for you? We’ve broken them down by finish, so you can curate the lip wardrobe of dreams.

The Morning ’til Night Matte: If velvety lips with a soft, supple finish are top of your beauty agenda, explore seven shades of matte - from radiant red Love to punchy peach Sunkiss - with Velvet Mattes Lipstick. It’s infused with a blend of hydrating oils, so every swipe feels as moisturising as sweeping on a lip balm.

The Stay-On-All-Day Satin: Call on the cult-classic Color Elixir Lipstick for rich, satiny colour, and you’ll also be treating your lips to a supercharged conditioning treatment. Each of the 27 shades harness the hydrating powers of vitamin E, so your pout appears smoother, fuller and suppler - instantly.

The Glide-On-and-Go Gloss: Lip gloss is set to be big this summer. For the longest-lasting finish, try Honey Lacquer, which gives you the nourishment of a lip balm, the colour of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss all in one. Talk about a multi-tasker.

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5. Apply in Layers

Appy, blot, repeat. Unless you’re working with a lip gloss or lacquer, lip colour is best applied in light layers if you want to lock it down for longer. After gliding lipstick over your foundation and lip liner base, gently blot with a tissue, then sweep on a second coat. You could even go for a third if you want your shade to look ultra-vibrant.

6. Dust It Off

Your face power isn’t just for shiny t-zones. Use it to achieve lipstick that stays on by first splitting a tissue into two thin layers, then holding one sheet over the top of your lips. Next, lightly sweep a loose, translucent powder over the tissue, so that a small amount of powder transfers through to your lipstick. The result? Lip colour that’s set in place - no touch-ups necessary.

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