4 Eyeshadow Looks to Enhance Brown Eyes

When it comes to finding the most flawless eyeshadow for brown eyes, there are no rules. Makeup should be fun, which means no colour – however sheer or vibrant – is ever off-limits. However, there are certain shadow shades that help brown eyes look extra alluring, making the gold, chocolate and copper undertones pop like no other. Want in? We’ve rounded up the most flattering hues for every occasion, whether you’re working no-makeup makeup or amping up the colour for festival season…

1. Sunset Shades

The sunset eyeshadow trend teams beautifully with deep brown eyes, as the warming orange, copper and red tones make the hints of gold in your irises stand out. Best of all, this look can be dialled up or down to suit your mood, so you can keep it soft and subtle for day or go bolder and brighter for a night out.

Get the look with Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Sumptuous Golds; a palette of gilded hues that makes sunset eyes look ultra-sophisticated. Swathe the two middle

Model with brown eyes wearing sunset-inspired eyeshadow
Model applying Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Azure Allure

2. True Blues

Bump up brown eyes with the truest blues. The shades are opposite each other on the colour wheel, and you know the rules: according to colour theory, this means they complement one another. This is your chance to take smokey eyes to the next level, swapping steely greys for navy and cobalt shades. Think deep, sultry and oh-so shimmery.

Our favourite palette for this look is Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Azure Allure, which holds a reflective sapphire pigment alongside defining silver and brown. Blend the blue across entire eyelid from lash line to crease, then smudge the chocolate brown through the outer crease and press the silver on inner corners. Flawless.

3. Jewel-Toned Jades

We all need at least one eyeshadow shade that takes us out of our comfort zone. It’s the dramatic hue we experiment with for festivals, party season and any time we need a confidence boost. If you have brown eyes, consider jade eyeshadow your go-to statement colour. This rich jewel tone is striking and chic – everything you want in a bold eye look.

Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Magnetic Jades is perfect for this trend. There are two luxe greens in the palette – a soft sage and a vibrant jade – that look dreamy worn alone or paired together. Our model is working the deeper shade on its own in a vivid lash line-to-crease block, which looks beyond-elegant against a satiny nude lipstick.

Model wearing Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Magnetic Jades
Model wearing Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Nudes

4. Glistening Golds

Is there any eye colour gold doesn’t suit? It’s the ultimate in flatters-all eyeshadow hues, adding sparkle wherever you sweep it on and making whites of eyes appear brighter. Wear it sheer with a natural makeup look or layer up the pigment for a metallic finish. There’s no wrong way of working this trend – it looks flawless every time.

That’s why Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Nudes should be a makeup bag staple. It combines a spectrum of gilded shimmers with defining taupes and browns to create a sculpted eye look. For two-second shadow, swipe just one of the golds in a solo, subtle wash over lids. Have more time? Then play with three or four of the shades, blending them into a golden gradient eye.


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