5 Liquid Lipstick Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The most underrated product in your makeup bag? Liquid lipstick. It’s high in pigment, fast-drying, and one of the most long-lasting lip formulas you’ll find – especially if you wear Lipfinity Lip Colour. From morning latte to late-night drinks, it has the power to make every outfit look more ‘done’ in one sweep. But, are you applying it correctly? Here are five mistakes you might be making with liquid lipstick, and how to fix them…

Model wearing red liquid lipstick

1. You’re Applying to Chapped Lips

Sweeping on your signature shade of liquid lipstick to dry lips isn’t going to deliver the soft, velvety lip colour you’ve been dreaming of. It’s all in the prep to create the perfect pout, so buff Miracle Prep Lip Scrub onto lips in circular motions, letting the small exfoliating beads gently remove delicate, dry patches of skin. Remove with a soft cotton pad, then dot and blend moisturiser or lip balm on top. Leave to sink in for a few minutes, before blotting away with tissue for the ultimate smooth canvas.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour

2. You’re Not Prepared for Smudges

We all know how easy it is to smudge your lipstick straight after application. All it takes is a quick jolt of the elbow while going over your cupid’s bow on the commute. For a quick clean-up, have a cotton bud at the ready to sweep away any mistakes within seconds. If your liquid lipstick smudge has already dried, cover up with a small amount of Mastertouch Concealer, gently patting onto the area so as not to disrupt the rest of your base.

Model wearing dark liquid lipstick

3. You’re Forgetting to Use Lip Liner

For the most precise liquid lipstick application, create a ‘colour between the lines’ scenario for yourself (like a makeup colouring book, if you will) with a lip pencil. Line lips with Colour Elixir Lip Liner to shape and define the cupid’s bow, and top and bottom lips. Then, when gliding on your shade of liquid lipstick, stay within the lines to ensure the most precise and perfect lip shape. Easy.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour

4. You’re Loading on Too Much at Once

If you’re a liquid lipstick addict, you’ll know that one of the benefits is that it sets in place very quickly; great for when you’re rushing out the door for a 9am meeting. However, when you’re in a rush, it’s easy to load too much lip colour on at once, resulting in a patchy finish that’s prone to smudging. For perfect application, dot only a small amount of colour onto the centre of lips, then gently blend out to the corners until you achieve flawless coverage. It’s that easy.

Model wearing pink liquid lipstick

5. You’re Pressing Your Lips Together to Blend

It’s natural to want to press your lips together straight after applying liquid lipstick but resist the urge; otherwise you might be left with a patchy, flaky finish. Instead, if your colour still needs blending, use a small lip brush or your finger to smooth it out while the formula is still wet. Once dry, your perfect lip look will be locked in for the whole day, so you can forget about those hourly touch-ups.

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