How to Find Your Dreamiest Nude Lipstick

Model wearing nude lipstick

Finding the perfect nude lipstick is like shopping for a new pair of jeans. It takes time (and, let’s be honest, a lot of different options) to get the right fit. With such a vast spectrum of shades to choose from, finding ‘the one’ can seem like an overwhelming task, with each nude lipstick boasting a different feel, finish, texture and tone.

So, here it is; your guide to shopping for the perfect nude lipstick, whether you love a pinky-nude or a delicious chocolate hue. Simply follow these three steps…

Model applying nude lipstick

1. Hit the Right Tone

Your natural skin tone will determine the nude lipstick shade to suit you. First, figure out your undertone by looking at the underside of your arm and the colour of your veins. If they appear blue or purple, your skin is cool-toned. If they appear green, your skin is warm-toned. And, if you have a mix of the two, your undertone is likely to be considered neutral.

Use this as your guide when shopping for your nude lipstick, opting for hues that counteract your skin’s undertones to ensure the most flattering, glow-boosting finish. This means wearing blue-toned nudes on warm skin, and peachy or orangey nudes against cool undertones. Neutral skin tones are able to pull off the full spectrum of shades, so opt for any nude lipstick that catches your eye.

Model applying nude lipstick

2. Narrow Down to Three

Why settle? For your ultimate nude lipstick, try on several different shades, formulas and finishes to find ‘the one’.

Once you’ve determined your most flattering tone, choose three nude lipstick hues within the same shade family to test on your lips. Your ideal hue should be very slightly darker than your skin, either with a hint of pink or brown to keep your complexion looking radiant and bright. Try not to go too light with your shade, as this can leave skin looking a little flat and washed-out.

Glide each of your chosen nude lipsticks onto hydrated lips, while wearing a similar makeup look to the one you would usually team with a barely-there lip colour. As soon as you test each hue, you’ll instantly know if you’re kissing hello or goodbye to the right shade…

Model wearing Max Factor nude lipstick

3. Find Your Finish

You’re nearly there. Once you’ve navigated your perfect shade, between the cool-, neutral- and warm-toned lipsticks, all that’s left to do is find your perfect texture, from velvety-matte so smooth and satiny.

If you like a little shine, glide your chosen nude shade of our Colour Elixir Moisture Kiss Lipstick onto lips. It’s super-moisturising yet light, leaving a full-colour, dewy finish. Prefer a statement matte makeup look? Velvet Mattes Lipstick is for you. Striking the perfect balance between soft, matte and moisturising, you’ll love gliding this comforting formula over lips.

And, for a pillowy, plump nude lipstick that stays on, try Lipfinity Lip Colour. It comes in eight flesh tones, each boasting a long-lasting, 24-hour finish and the prettiest sheen. Flawless.

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