2000 Calorie Curl Addict Mascara

Yes, you can achieve volume and curls with just one product - the 2000 Calorie Curl Addict Mascara. The sister to the iconic 2000 Calorie Mascara, it creates the dramatic voluminous lashes you’ve always wanted while curling them at the same time, with just a few sweeps. No lash curler, required: The short-curved brush hugs the eye line like a lash curler for dramatic volume and maximum curl. The innovative, buildable formula allows for instant curls and quick touch ups. Make-up Artist Tip: “ To build the perfect lash curl, apply multiple layers to lashes.”

Black Select your shade/ 2
  • The short curved brush hugs the eye line like an eye lash curler for maximum root volume and curl
  • Tightly packed bristles disperse the formula evenly in to the tips
  • No lash curler needed anymore
  • The innovative buildable formula allows for bespoke curl creation and quick effective touch ups.

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