3 Ultra-Glam New Year’s Eve Makeup Looks

Scrolling for a New Year’s Eve makeup look to remember? If you’re already counting down to the most glamorous night of the year, we’ve got you covered with New Year’s Eve makeup looks to suit every style, plus tips on how to make them last past midnight. So, whether your plans are to dance the night away or enjoy a low-key gathering with friends, find your go-to glam that’s perfect for partying, without worrying about too many touch ups.

1. Glowing Red Gloss

The Look: A super-shiny festive red lip, ready for midnight kisses.

How to Apply:

1. For an intensely pigmented finish, start by etching Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Red Rush around the lip line, concentrating on the cupid’s bow to shape and plump.

2. Next, apply Velvet Mattes Lipstick in Love straight from the bullet. Blot onto lips for a stain-like finish that flatters everyone.

3. To add shine to your New Year’s Eve makeup, finish by gliding the buttery soft, non-sticky Honey Lacquer in Floral Ruby directly onto lips.

Top Tip: For a lip gloss look that stays put for as long as possible, make sure your lips are perfectly prepped first. Buff Miracle Prep Lip Scrub in circular motions over clean, dry lips, then remove with a warm flannel for a smooth canvas.

2. Midnight Black Liner

The Look: Sultry, defined eyes and full lashes, perfect for partying in.

How to Apply:

1. Add intensity to eyes while creating the illusion of fuller lashes with the tightlining technique. Start by looking down into a mirror, place your ring finger under your eyebrow arch and lift your eyelid to reveal the upper waterline.

2. Glide Masterpiece Kohl Kajal Pencil in Black along the upper waterline and etch in between lashes to fill the gaps. This makes lashes appear darker and fuller at the root. Look straight ahead into a mirror and repeat for the lower lash line.

3. To finish, zig-zag Lash Revival Mascara from root to tip to build volume.

Top Tip: To add long-lasting lash volume to your New Year’s Eve makeup look, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Crimp lashes as close to the lid as possible to lift, then repeat in the middle to curl.

3. Sculpted Contour

The Look: Seriously sculpted cheekbones for a picture-perfect moment from every angle.

How to Apply:

1. Finish 2019 by finally learning how to contour for your New Year’s Eve makeup look. Start by applying the Miracle Sculpting Wand (choose the shade that best suits your skin tone) into the hollows of cheeks, and in two arch shapes either side of the forehead.

2. Use fingertips or a stippling brush to blend contour upwards towards the cheekbone, creating a skin-sculpting shadow, and outwards into the hairline to define the forehead.

3. Next, apply the Miracle Highlighter Wand in a diagonal line on top of the cheekbone, and underneath the brow arches. Blend with a fluffy brush to create a light-reflective finish, lifting and highlighting the skin for a super-defined look.

Top Tip: For New Year’s Eve makeup that lasts all night, set your contour with every makeup artist’s favourite product: setting powder. Dust the feather-light Miracle Veil Loose Powder over your base, then mist your face with a few spritzes of Lasting Performance Setting Spray to really up the staying power.

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