Desk to Dancefloor Christmas Makeup Looks

‘Tis the season to get glam, and we’re excited to start wearing our festive favourite Christmas makeup looks this year. From the annual office party to your girls’ night out, everyone knows that the best part of the year’s seasonal soirees is getting ready. But forget fiddly makeup tricks – shine on in our Christmas makeup looks that are chic and simple, easy to create at your desk or on the go between parties. We’ve rounded up the perfect glow-to looks to try this Christmas. So, grab a glass of prosecco and read on to learn how to apply these classic Christmas makeup looks to suit every outfit in your festive wardrobe.

1. The Seasonal Smokey Eye

Smokey eye, but make it Christmas. Take a classic gunmetal grey smokey eye to the next level with a touch of shimmer and a slick of eyeliner. Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Lavish Onyx is a 4-in-1 eyeshadow palette that’s small enough to fit in your work bag, meaning you can dial up your daytime look without bringing your entire makeup kit. It even comes with a built-in sponge applicator, so you can swathe lids in high-pigment, velvet-textured eyeshadow without any drop-down. The dream.

Step 1: If you’re already wearing eyeshadow, gently remove by adding a little micellar water to a cotton pad, folding in half and gently sweeping the crescent-shaped pad across eyelids without taking off mascara.

Step 2: Dip the eyeshadow applicator into the grey shade from the Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Lavish Onyx. Then, sweep the sponge tip over eyelids, blending into the crease and smoking out to the brow bone. Use the pointed tip to glide eyeshadow along the lower lash line, like a smokey eyeliner.

Step 3: Next, apply the lightest eyeshadow shade in the palette directly into the centre of the lid using your fingertip, tapping to diffuse the shimmering pigments for a spotlight effect.

Step 4: To make eyes appear bigger, try tightlining your smokey eye. Place a fingertip below your brow bone and lift upwards to reveal the natural gaps in your lashes. Then, look down into a mirror and etch the sharpened point of Masterpiece Kohl Kajal Pencil as close to the upper lash line as possible, filling in the gaps as you go. The result? Thicker, fuller-looking lashes even before you add mascara. Finish by adding a few more coats of your favourite mascara before heading off to party.

2. The Festive Red Lip

The easiest way to switch up a desk-appropriate look to full-on Christmas makeup glam? A sweep of red lipstick. Steal Santa’s signature shade for the evening to take your look from work to play in an instant; no pouting necessary.

Step 1: Starting at the cupid’s bow, trace lightly around your natural lip line with Colour Elixir Lip Liner. Apply using short strokes to avoid creating a heavy, solid line around lips.

Step 2: To give your lip colour extra staying power, etch lip liner into the centre of lips, filling in between the lip line for a velvety base colour. This gives lipstick something to grip onto.

Step 3: Apply Colour Elixir Lipstick in Ruby Tuesday onto lips straight from the bullet, or for extra precision use a lip brush. However you apply, make sure coverage is even on both top and bottom lips, and stays within the lip line. Made a mistake? Use a cotton bud to blend or remove lipstick where it’s not needed.

Step 4: Blot with tissue and reapply your festive red shade for a kiss-proof finish, or add a light dusting of Miracle Veil Loose Powder over lip colour to set in place – perfect if you’re planning on hanging around under the mistletoe.

3. The Ultra-Glam Winged Liner

Kohl for Christmas doesn’t sound so bad when it involves our favourite eyeliner. Like sweeping on your pout-perfecting shade of lipstick, a sweep of eyeliner defines and opens eyes with a sultry smokey finish. Plus, it’s super-quick and easy to do at your desk – the ideal Christmas makeup glam on the go.

Step 1: Sharpen the classic Kohl Pencil to create a precision pointed tip. Then, starting at the inner corner of the eye, look straight ahead into a mirror and etch pencil close to the upper lash line. Glide over lids until you reach the outer corner, lifting liner slightly upwards to create a small flick to elongate the eye.

Step 2: Repeat for the lower lash line, starting again at the inner corner and gliding along the lower lash line, ensuring liner matches up at the outer corner.

Step 3: Use a cotton bud to lightly blend and smoke liner upwards onto the centre of the lid. Then, reapply Kohl Pencil close to the upper and lower lash lines to create a thicker line, for a more dramatic finish.

Step 4: Finish with a full fan of lashes. Look down into a mirror and apply Lash Revival Mascara from the top of lashes to build volume. Then, once it’s almost dry, look up and apply mascara at the root of lashes, zig-zagging through to the tip until full coverage is achieved.

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