The Best Balancing Foundation Routine for Combination Skin

Oily? Dry? A bit of both? If your complexion feels like it’s having an identity crisis, chances are you’re battling with combination skin. And, while it might seem tricky to balance a shiny t-zone with dehydrated cheeks, you can do exactly that by simply tweaking your everyday makeup regimen. Keep scrolling for the best foundation routine for combination skin, starting with your primer, and ending with a touch of blush and highlighter for instant radiance.


What You Need: A lightweight multitasker that refreshes dull skin and minimises oil. We love Lasting Performance Setting Spray, which lends a burst of hydration, while cucumber extract tends to shiny t-zones.

How to Apply It: On freshly-washed, just-moisturised skin, mist the spray in a cross motion to reach cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Hold further away from your face for a lighter veil or spritz it closer to skin if you want a heavier hit. Looking to make your makeup last even longer? Add another misting after applying your base to lock everything down for day-to-night wear.


What You Need: A base infused with the best kind of hydrator – hyaluronic acid – which moisturises parched patches without adding extra oil to your t-zone. Miracle Touch Foundation has that dreamy balance perfected, giving you a dewy finish that glows, as it blurs the appearance of pores for an airbrushed effect.

How to Apply It: Miracle Touch is a solid-to-liquid formula, so warm it with your fingertips first, then add a few dots to the centre of your face and anywhere you need extra coverage. Use a buffing brush or makeup sponge to blend coverage up and outwards, giving you a sheerer finish over dry cheeks. No cakey canvas here…


What You Need: Say bye-bye to the blemishes and breakouts combination skin is prone to with a green concealer, like Colour Corrector Stick: The Reducer. If you know the rules of colour correcting, you’ll know that green – which is opposite red on the colour wheel – works to calm and cancel out angry scarlet tones instantly.

How to Apply It: It’s easy. Use the pencil to draw a larger dot over each blemish, then blend the edges with a small brush before tapping a little more foundation over the top.


What You Need: A loose face powder, such as Miracle Veil, which controls oil without looking flat or dry. The silky, translucent formula has an almost-illuminating finish, so you don’t have to worry about looking powdery. Phew.

How to Apply It: Stay away from dry patches and use a small fluffy brush to dust powder only on places where your skin is shiny. For many, this means the centre of the forehead, the nose and the chin. You can also use this loose powder to try ‘baking’ your makeup, applying a generous layer underneath eyes, leaving it to settle for a few minutes, then sweeping excess away for a brightening effect.


What You Need: Your cheeks are usually the driest areas of your face, so swap powder blush for a cream blusher you can daub on with fingertips to achieve a dewy, rosy flush. Miracle Touch Creamy Blush is our pick for believable blushing.

How to Apply: Swirl your fingertip in the pot to warm the cream up first, then tap it on the apples of your cheeks. Blend up to the temples for a soft, slightly-sculpted effect that looks completely natural.


What You Need: If you’re still a little lacking in the glow department, grab Miracle Glow Duo Pro Illuminator, which holds both a matte and shimmery highlighter for a dual-pronged approach to setting skin aglow.

How to Apply: Use fingertips to get your glow on, first tapping the matte highlighter down the bridge of your nose, on the cupid’s bow and the centre of your chin for natural-looking luminosity. Then, add shimmer to the tops of cheekbones and the inner corners of your eyes to complete your wide-awake, radiant look. Balancing act, sorted.

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