Calling all blue-eyed beauties: it’s time to give those lids a little glow-up. Your ocean-hued irises are already striking (as are honeyed brown, shimmering hazel and intense green eyes), but if you’re looking to enhance and brighten, we’ve found the ultimate eyeshadow for blue eyes. We’re not usually ones for ‘makeup rules’; if there’s an eyeshadow shade you love, experiment and wear with confidence, swathed over lids in all its highly-pigmented glory. But, if you’re looking to try a new shade and aren’t sure where to start (there are a lot of colour options out there), read on to discover the most flattering eyeshadow shades for blue eyes. Think of this as your glow-to shadow guide…

1. Gold Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Why You’ll Love It: Glow for gold when you want to boost the natural gilded sparkle in blue eyes.

Your Must-Have: Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Nudes, which offers a spectrum of shimmering gold shades.

1. To intensify the metallic finish in your gold eyeshadow, first apply Miracle Prep Eyeshadow Primer for a smooth base.

2. Use a wet eyeshadow brush and dip it into your chosen gold hue from the palette, then glide on from the upper lash line to the crease. Build layers for a bolder finish.

3. With a clean, fluffy eyeshadow brush, sweep the palette’s deep charcoal shade into the socket. Blend for soft definition and lightly wing at the outer corner of the eye.

4. Finish with Kohl Pencil in Black traced along the upper and lower waterline. For extra drama, add winged eyeliner using Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner.

2. Smokey Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Why You’ll Love It: A classic smokey eye is a look that suits everyone, day or night.

Your Must-Have: Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Lavish Onyx has got blue eyes covered with sumptuous shades, perfect for layering and blending across lids.

1. Start with the chocolate brown shade and apply using an angled eyeshadow brush onto the outer corner of the crease, blending into the centre.

2. Using an eyeliner brush, line the lower lash line in the same shade, taking it from the outer corner to the centre of the eye.

3. Glide the taupe eyeshadow from the inner corner of the lid to the centre, blending colour upwards to meet the shaded crease.

4. From the outer edge of the lid, apply the onyx hue, diffusing it inwards so it meets the taupe, and upwards so it graduates seamlessly into the brown in the socket. Lightly blend together with a clean, fluffy brush.

3. Tightliner for Blue Eyes

Why You’ll Love It: The tightlining technique fills the gaps between your eyelashes, making them look fuller while giving blue eyes mesmerising definition.

Your Must-Have: Masterpiece Kohl Kajal Pencil in Black for incredible intensity.

1. Keep your eyeshadow simple. Try a nude eyeshadow look for subtle sparkle.

2. Lightly press your ring finger on the brow bone to raise your eyelid. This will expose your upper waterline without tugging the delicate skin around the eyes.

3. Use the pointed tip of Masterpiece Kohl Kajal Pencil to etch the whole way around your eye, making sure you emphasise the upper lash line.

4. Complete the look by curling lashes and sweeping Rise & Shine Mascara from root to tip, framing blue eyes perfectly.

4. Brown Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Why You’ll Love It: A wash of mink-brown is the dream everyday eyeshadow for blue eyes. The chocolate hue draws out gold flecks in your irises, while the rosy, mauve-y undertone keeps colour fresh and modern.

Your Must-Have: Wild Shadow Pot in Burnt Bark is a one-wash wonder that’s packed with pigment.

1. Reach for a flat, firm eyeshadow brush, dip it into your Wild Shadow Pot shade, then press the pigment over your entire eyelid.

2. For more intensity, dampen the brush and apply a second layer of the mink-brown eyeshadow.

3. Use a small, fluffy brush to blend the shadow through the crease and sweep lightly along the lower lash line.

4. Finish by gliding Masterpiece Kohl Kajal Pencil in Beige along the lower waterline to enhance the whites of eyes. And, you’re done.


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