Meet the eyebrow pencil that does more. Real Brow Fill & Shape Pencil is a double-ended dream come true that tames, teases, shades and shapes your brows to perfection. With a defining pencil on one end and a powder applicator on the other, it's easy to etch and blend your way to flawless arches that stay in place. • Brow duo with an eyebrow pencil on one end and a powder applicator on the other • Angled brow pencil is carefully crafted to create hair-like strokes • Powder applicator blends and fills in sparse patches with zero fuss

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How to apply

Step 1

Brush brows upwards to reveal gaps, then use the pencil end of Real Brow Fill & Shape to sketch in definition and create your desired shape.

Step 2

Once you've perfected the shape, glide the powder through sparse patches to create natural-looking fullness.

Step 3

Give your brows a final brush in the direction of hair growth.

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