Kevin Chou, China

Kevin Chou - long

Kevin is a widely renowned MUA in China where he has worked as make-up artist for more than twenty years. He has been the official MUA for Max Factor for more than 8 years. He has participated in a large number of cosmetics and modeling work in more than 50 TV advertisements of international brand beauty products, such as SKII, Olay, Head and Shoulders, etc. Moreover, he has been invited as a professional cosmetics expert by various renowned TV programs in Mainland China and Taiwan, like Beauty, The Women as well as the honored guests in Variety Show of Mr.Con&Ms.Csi, Happy Camp, etc. With his sharp cosmetics sense and magical make-up skills, Kevin always maintains close cooperation with numerous well-known movie stars such as Ziyi Zhang, Alyssa Chia, Maggie Q and Paulin Lan and so on. What’s more, he whole-heartedly published two cosmetics books, named Nude Look Bible+ Cosmetic Treasure (Apr, 2008)and Perfect Cosmetics Tips +Cosmetics Magic Book (May, 2010), of which the sales hit the historical record as the most popular cosmetics books on shelves, making Kevin an idol for many ladies who pursues beauty. As one of the most influential make-up artist and stylist in Asia, Kevin possesses millions of blog fans and his Weibo also boasts fans of more than 50 million.