Jorge Lentino, Latin America - Uruguay

Artist - George Lentino

Jorge Lentino has been the local Max Factor MUA in Uruguay and Latin America since 2007. He has worked with cosmetics since the 90s after studying in Uruguay and Barcelona and worked in Fashion, TV, Opera and musicals. He studied makeup at the University of the Republic in Uruguay and took a Masters in European Makeup Technician at the two main makeup schools in Barcelona. He was a make-up artist for the state channel of his native Uruguay for 9 years, to later grow as a professional for opera productions and musical comedies. He also worked as makeup director for three Uruguayan-Argentine and Spanish movie productions. Jorge is the creator of the make-up looks used at DFashion in Mexico and was the director of makeup at Fashion Week in Lima, Peru. He was a jury in Project Runway and creator of the look for one of the challenges which he considers an incredible experience in his career.