Miracle Pure Nail Polish

A miracle is at your fingertips! Max Factor Miracle Pure Nail Colour promotes healthy looking nails and gives vibrant colour with no compromise on wear. The breathable 100% vegan formula is powered by plant-based ingredients, including mineral clay that promotes strength and natural antioxidant Vitamin E. Available in a range of shades, from deep red to calming pastels, Miracle Pure Nail Colour is quick-drying, long-lasting and gives a high shine finish whichever tone you pick.

155 Coconut Milk Select your shade/ 6
  • • It’s a vibrant nail polish that promotes healthy nails even after removal.
  • • Powered by plant-based ingredients like natural antioxidant vitamin E.
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  • Sainsburys.uk

How to apply

Step 1

Load the brush and place at the base of the nail in the centre.

Step 2

Draw the brush up in one sweep. Repeat until the nail is covered.

Step 3

Remove any smudges using a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover.

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