6 Matte Lipstick Tricks That Change Everything

When it comes to an elegant makeup look, we’re matte lipstick-obsessed. One swipe, and you’ve got velvety colour that complements every occasion, every outfit and every single skin tone. It’s no secret that mattes have been causing a stir in the beauty world for years now, but many are missing out on the tricks that make their matte lipstick even dreamier. Not you, though. Keep scrolling to discover six clever ways to enhance your matte lipstick, whether you’re wearing a radiant red or a softer, subtler nude…

1. Scrub to Prep Your Pout

If you’re wondering why your matte lipstick goes flaky by midday, you need a hard-working lip scrub. It creates the smoothest canvas for colour by sloughing away dead skin cells instantly. Try Miracle Prep Lip Scrub; a lip bullet you massage into lips to buff away dry skin, while a dream team of coconut oil and vitamin E treats your pout to comforting, plumping hydration. Once you’ve smoothed it over lips, use a cotton pad to gently blot the scrub away, leaving behind a balmy texture that will help your lipstick glide on.

2. Choose a Matte with Moisture

Don’t just opt for any matte lipstick. Many are infused with mattifying powders, and nothing in the way of hydrating ingredients to counteract the drying effects. Look for a formula infused with moisturisers, like Velvet Mattes Lipstick, which veils your lips in a loving blend of oils and butters for a soft, supple look and feel. Plus, it comes in seven high-pigment ultra-wearable shades, from hot fuchsia Blush to deep, romantic red Love.

3. Highlight for a Fuller Finish

We know you love a matte finish, but adding highlighter to your lip look has some serious pout-perfecting benefits. Just a touch in the centre of your lips can make them instantly look pouty and plump. Use your finger to add the shimmer in the Miracle Glow Duo to the middle of your upper and lower lip, then tap the matte highlighter on your Cupid’s bow to sculpt in some extra fullness. Simple yet so effective.

4. Powder Lips to Perfection

Give your matte lipstick more staying power with a little face powder. All you need for this hack is the softest sweep of pigment and a thin, pulled-apart layer of tissue paper. Hold the tissue over your freshly-applied lipstick, then lightly dust Miracle Veil Loose Powder over the top. The idea is that some powder will deposit onto your lips to make it last even longer. Easy.

5. Apply with an Eyeshadow Brush

For a soft, diffused kiss of matte colour, try applying your lipstick with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, transferring it from the bullet to the centre of your lips. Blend it outwards by pressing and lightly sweeping over your pout, leaving you with a blotted, stained effect that’s perfect if you like a subtler lip look.

6. Clean Lines with Concealer

Make your matte lipstick really stand out by cleaning up the lines with a concealer or foundation. You’ll need a flat, firm concealer brush and a creamy formula, like Miracle Touch Foundation. Tap the brush into the compact, then lightly trace it around the outer edge of your lip line. This trick also works for any smudges on your chin – because, sometimes, mistakes happen.

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