How to Do Your Eyebrows in Two Minutes

Brows are the frame of your face. They have the power to make your eyes appear bigger, while drawing your whole look together for a perfectly-polished finish. Want to know how to do your eyebrows? To get an everyday, ultra-flattering look, here’s your two-minute technique for youth-boosting brows that suit your face shape. Let’s get started...

1. Pick Your Products

Pencil or powder? Choose your eyebrow makeup based on the look you want to achieve, with a pencil offering a more natural look and a palette of powders getting those arches super-sculpted.

If full and flawless is your aim, try Brow Shaper Eyebrow Pencil, which comes with a grooming spoolie brush and soft, creamy pencil that etches in the most natural-looking shape.

For a more contoured brow, opt for the Brow Contouring Kit. It holds four pigmented powders, including three matte shading hues and a highlighter to tap on the brow bone for a subtle lift. Dreamy.

2. Focus on Sparse Patches First

For some, filling in any gaps may be all you want to do to your brows. For others, this step might just be the start of your daily arch-perfecting routine. Whatever the case, use the brush on the end of your pencil or a clean, dry spoolie to brush strands upwards, so you can easily spot any sparse patches. Then, choose your technique…

With the Pencil: Ensure the tip is as sharp as can be. Then, hold the Brow Shaper Eyebrow Pencil at a 45-degree angle and nudge it into the gaps, so you fill them in using short, sharp, buildable strokes.

With the Powder: Load a little of the powder (in the closest-matching shade to your natural brows) on the accompanying brush, then hold it at a slight angle and sweep through gaps in a soft, flicking motion.

Finished filling? Complete this step by brushing brows back into place, so that they follow the direction of hair growth.

3. Fill Out the Shape

If shading sparse patches has given you all the definition you need, skip ahead to step four. Otherwise, it’s time to fill out the shape of your brows to make them look thicker.

As we get older, our eyebrows tend to become thinner and a little shorter, meaning that filling the tip and shading through the length is a quick way to get a more youthful look. Your best brow shape is the one you were born with so look to enhance – not transform – what you have, mapping out the beginning, the highest point (even in straight brows) and the end.

The Beginning: Your brows should begin roughly in line with the inner corner of your eye but should never go any further inwards, so make sure not to over-pluck this area. Very lightly fill if the start of your eyebrows tends to be a little patchy, but don’t apply too much product, as you run the risk of making brows look blocky.

The Tip: Angle a makeup brush or pencil from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Where it intersects with your brow is where the tip should come to the end. Lightly tweeze any stray hairs that go beyond this point or, if your brows fall short, add length with a few feathery, dash-like strokes of your pencil or powder.

The Arch: Using a brush or pencil again, hold it at the corner of your nose and angle it through the centre of your eye to figure out where your arch should be. Mark the point with your pencil or powder, then sweep colour through this area to define. You could also pluck a few hairs from underneath to make your arch appear more prominent.

4. Brush Through Brows

Don’t let your technique go to waste. Keep those newly-filled, flawless brows in place with a sweep of Natural Brow Styler – a clear eyebrow mascara that tames, tidies and grooms your arches in seconds. And, you’re done.

Top Brow Tips

Looking for more brow tricks? Every time you fill out your arches, keep these tips in mind…

Tweeze only from underneath the brow. Leave the tops of your brows to a pro and go easy when plucking the sides. You don’t want to make your eyebrows too short or leave a huge gap in between them.

Use the lightest touch with a brow pencil or powder. Remember: it’s always easier to gradually build the colour up than it is to have to remove it or start again.

A highlighter can work wonders at lifting your arches. Tap a little of the creamy shimmer from the Miracle Glow Duo Pro Illuminator on brow bones for an instant eye-awakening look.

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