How to Apply Blush for Every Face Shape

Ever wondered how to apply blush like a makeup artist? Taking into account your face shape and unique features, the perfect blusher placement can seem like a tricky technique to master. We’ve got you covered, though. Follow our guide on how to highlight your angles while boosting your natural glow with our go-to blusher tips and tricks…

If Your Face is Round...

Use blusher to sculpt your features for a defined look. When choosing your blusher shade, opt for soft, natural hue rather than a bold, shimmering powder; these can reflect the light to make the face appear wider and more round.

Step 1: Suck in cheeks to reveal your cheekbones, then swirl an angled blusher brush into a neutral shade of Crème Puff Blush, like Nude Mauve or Alluring Rose, tapping off the excess into the compact.

Step 2: Apply blusher directly onto cheekbones, moving the brush upwards and outwards to the top of your ear.

Step 3: Using a clean, fluffy powder brush, buff lightly in circular motions for a soft-focus, natural-looking finish.

If Your Face is Square...

Your forehead, jawline and cheekbones are all roughly the same width. To soften angular features, use a complexion-enhancing shade, like a shimmering peach blusher, and a touch of highlight to diffuse natural light across your face.

Step 1: Smile, then dot a glow-boosting shade of Miracle Touch Creamy Blush directly onto apples of cheeks using fingertips or a fluffy brush.

Step 2: Lightly blend blusher across apples of cheeks, moving outwards to the edge of your eyebrow for a healthy flush.

Step 3: Use fingertips to warm up a small pump of Miracle Glow Pro Universal Highlighter, then tap onto cheekbones and under the brow bone, catching the light to soften your angles.

If Your Face is Heart-Shaped...

Your forehead will be wider than your jawline and your chin slightly pointed. To enhance your facial features, use a sculpting blusher technique to balance out proportions, creating instant definition.

Step 1: Dip an angled blush brush into a sculpting blusher shade, like Crème Puff Blush in Nude Mauve, tapping off excess powder so as not to overload on pigment.

Step 2: Use the angled blush brush to hug cheekbones, applying to the hollows and sweeping around the apples of your cheeks in a ‘C’ shape, finishing at the temples.

Step 3: Take a clean, fluffy powder brush and buff in circular motions for perfectly-blended, natural-looking definition.

If Your Face is Oval...

The right blusher application will create the illusion of shortening your features and accentuating natural bone structure. Pair a fresh, natural-looking blusher with a sculpting shade under cheekbones to lightly contour your look.

Step 1: Starting in line with the middle of your eye, apply your shade of Crème Puff Blush

Step 2: Next, apply a contouring shade to suit your skin tone from the Miracle Contouring Palette. Use fingertips to apply into the hollows of cheeks, hugging and sculpting the cheekbone as you blend.

Step 3: To finish, use the lightest shade in Miracle Contouring Palette to highlight the very tops of cheekbones and under the brow bone. Flawless.

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