4 Ways Brown Mascara Transforms Your Look

If brown mascara is often relegated to the back of your makeup drawer, now’s the time to let it shine in your daily beauty routine. It’s the one product most of us own and are never quite sure how to use, but a humble tube of brown mascara isn’t just for no-makeup-makeup days (although it is a natural makeup go-to). With a little beauty know-how, this flattering shade can be used to make eyes appear bigger, irises brighter and even warm up your complexion. Here are four ways brown mascara can finally emerge from your beauty bag and into the spotlight…

1. To Enhance Bottom Lashes

If you’re the type who usually skips mascara on your lower lashes, try sweeping through them with a natural-looking brown shade instead of black to enhance and open eyes without overpowering your makeup look. Use the tip of 2000 Calorie Mascara in Black/Brown to coat every bottom lash, making eyes appear bigger, and reserve your usual black mascara for top lashes only.

2. To Brighten Your Eyes

A rich brown shade of mascara can enhance your natural eye colour, brightening blue and green irises and deepening brown and hazel eyes. To make your natural eye colour really pop, add a sweep of eyeshadow from the Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Nudes across lids, choosing the best shimmering shade for your skin tone. Finish by framing eyes with new Lash Revival Mascara in Black/Brown to make your eye colour stand out.

3. To Perfect a Natural Look

Who doesn’t love those off-duty no-makeup makeup days? If you’re swapping a gunmetal grey smokey eye for a gold shimmer wash, brown mascara is a great alternative to classic black. To give lashes a boost when you’re toning down your usual makeup look, glide on Rise & Shine Mascara in Brown in a zig-zag motion. The result? Instant, natural-looking definition and curl that works well with your favourite neutral makeup hues.

4. To Make Lashes Appear Naturally Thicker

Smooth and plump lashes with a brown mascara for more natural-looking fullness. To create thicker-looking lashes, look down and apply Masterpiece Max Mascara in Black Brown on the top of lashes, making sure to cover the root as close as possible to the upper lash line. Wait a few seconds to dry before sweeping brown mascara underneath lashes, zig-zagging from root to tip. Concentrate on applying mascara right at the root to build the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes, with a more natural-looking finish than dramatic black.

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