Marlene Dietrich I am intrigue

Marlene's Iconic Look, reinvented by Pat McGrath, Max Factor's Global Creative Director

About Marlene Dietrich

The high queen of drama pushed boundaries with her work and her appearance, pioneering a self-confident glamour that was strong and devastatingly beautiful. An icon like no other, the German-born actress and cabaret performer Marlene Dietrich had a self-confident style that combined femme fatale elegance with dramatic glamour.In the 1920s Marlene was a stage and screen performer in Berlin. By the 1930s she had been transformed into a Hollywood star, working alongside the era’s hottest movie actors. Her Hollywood reinvention came courtesy of Mr Max Factor. He enhanced her features to dramatic effect, making her eyes appear larger with layers of top-heavy eye shadow. This smoky eye look was teamed with prominent cheekbones, well-defined lips and (rumour has it) wigs sprinkled with real gold dust.The effect was magical and mysterious.Marlene Dietrich continued to push boundaries with her appearance throughout her career. She often experimented with mens’ clothing, setting a trend that is still popular in the modern world of fashion.


Today she is a still role model for women wanting to follow their own unique style to dramatic effect and Max Factor still gives us the tools to reinvent a modern Marlene look of our own.

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