Introducing the latest lash innovation: Lash Revival Mascara. Sweep on this long lash mascara from root to tip to build longer, stronger, fuller-looking lashes in just four weeks. The glossy, volumising formula is infused with bamboo extract, a lash-strengthening ingredient, to leave lashes thicker, darker and healthier with every use. Wiggle the lash-catching mascara wand from side to side to ensure full coverage, giving you a full, fanned-out effect with no clumps in sight. • Volume-building mascara with a unique lash-strengthening formula • Create smooth, separated lashes with a clump-free finish • Lashes look and feel stronger, longer and fuller in just four weeks

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How to apply

Step 1

Wiggle Lash Revival Mascara's full-bristled brush into the roots of lashes.

Step 2

Sweep the mascara wand through lashes, gliding from side to side to encourage separation and definiton.

Step 3

Wait until mascara feels slightly tacky before applying a second coat for extra volume.

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