2000 Calorie Mascara Waterproof

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof is the bestselling waterproof mascara that fattens up your lashes fast and stays put, whatever the weather. That’s why it’s been named the makeup artist favourite for the last two decades. This top mascara’s special bodybuilding formula covers and thickens every single lash, whilst remaining 100% water resistant. The result? 300% more volume* that stays put all night, even if you’re dancing in the rain! Our makeup artist reveals: "Now you can make your lashes an incredible 300% fatter. The combination of the innovative volumising formula and thickening brush gives your lashes triple the volume, for triple impact." 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara is an absolute timeless classic, now fused with the advantages of innovative waterproof makeup. It adds volume, even to the thinnest of lashes, whilst remaining completely smudge, splash and swim-proof. This makes it a great everyday mascara, especially if you spend time outdoors, exercising or holidaying. This mascara is a great choice for those with sensitive eyes prone to watering, or those who wear contact lenses – and it’s even easy to remove. Plus it’s available in everyone’s favourite colour, a stunning black, perfect for day or night, sunshine or rain. *compared to bare lashes.

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