All about the eyes – fuller lashes in 5 minutes

What if we told you could have thicker, fuller lashes without having to wear falsies? Yes, really. If you want to make an impact on a big night out or special occasion without resorting to falsies, you're in luck! Lash Revival Mascara has got your lashes covered. Here are the tips you need to know…

Let's talk about lashes. So, some days you'll want subtle lashes, but other days and especially on nights out, you'll want to volumise lashes. For those occasions, when you do want a dramatic eye look - step away from the falsies! Coat your lashes with Lash Revival Mascara for an impactful eye look.

The formula's secret weapon? It is infused with a bamboo extract that visibly revives your lashes, for fuller, longer and stronger lashes in just four weeks! Don't forget the Kohl Pencil in Black. Apply this generously along the lash line, top waterline and the lower waterline. As no eyelook is complete without shaped eyebrows, use the Brow Shaper to add slight definition to the eyebrows. Add a subtle touch of colour to your lips with Matte Lipstick in Nude.

Wendy’s tip: “ Apply mascara after skin prep before any other products so it is easy to clean up if you make a mistake.”

Get the look like a pro with...

• Kohl pencil in Black

• Lash Revival Mascara

• Brow Shaper

• Matte Lipstick in Nude