Introducing Our Max Factor Voices

A group of women with powerful stories and true beauty with depth.

Max Factor commits to changing how we communicate women’s beauty, ensuring that it is relatable, aspirational and truly representative of women and what they want, globally. We believe that life experiences make women stronger, more powerful and more beautiful, no matter their age, ethnicity or life choices.

Taryn Williams

Growing up modelling and being on set you learn so many tips and tricks from make-up artists. You learn the benefit of taking care of your skin, little hacks, and you accumulate the best products over the years!

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Noella Coursaris

I love make-up, but I believe it’s very important to educate younger girls and women that lots of make-up equates to being more beautiful. For their sake, we need to completely change the way we approach it and explain what true beauty is and where it comes from.

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Cindy Robins

As I’ve got older, I’ve appreciated the beauty of older women. I think now I can see the beauty in them, especially because older women are more visible in advertising now.

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