As a young mother with little means, Jessica relied only on herself to support her family. On her daughter’s birthday, Jessica realised that she wasn’t represented in the world of high street greeting cards. She promptly founded the Colour Blind Cards to address the problem, earning her an MBE at the age of 27. Since then, she has founded successful businesses and become author of Purpose, which guides people to finding their truth and embracing their calling.


“I think your personal perception of beauty changes when you become clearer about who you are and what you stand for.”
Eventually, you realise that it’s what’s inside and who you are and what you contribute that’s really what makes you beautiful. That’s the essence of who you are. It’s less about the external and more about what’s within and how you project yourself. The focus shifts.

When I think about my hair, for example, I still blow dry it out from time to time, but I didn’t like my curls and I didn’t feel done if my hair wasn’t blown out to my style.


The way I’ve used make-up throughout my life is reflected in parallel in my relationship with myself. As a youngster, it was more about covering up and trying to be something else. Now it’s less of a necessity, less of a mask and more of a wonderful tool that I have at my disposal.

On her experience as an author…

Over my life and my career, one of the beautiful things I’ve witnessed is seeing others step into who they really are and living from that space is constantly inspiring. It’s that on-going desire to explore possibilities and see what else is possible and constantly move outside of your comfort zone.