Wendy Rowe

Wendy is the Global Creative Director & Makeup Artist for Max Factor. With over 20 years expertise as an International Makeup Artist and over a decade of experience in beauty product development, Wendy has successfully helped create breakthrough and market-leading cosmetics products sold all over the world.

Wendy on her career…

"Travelling has given me tremendous insights because it has allowed me to see how the needs of women around the world have evolved over time. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with the world’s leading fashion and beauty publications, models as well as incredible photographers, and creatives. I love being part of creating products and looks that tell brand stories, and this is an integral part of my role with Max Factor."

Wendy on makeup artistry…

"I take an uncomplicated and holistic approach to beauty, which was quite niche when I started out, as everyone was doing minimal makeup. I learned how to create the perfect skin using contour and highlight to enhance features and look super natural.. In fact, I’ve been described as the ‘Master of Nudes’. I have spent my career discovering and understanding what women want to look like and also that make-up is very emotional. To have great make up you need to have great skin and that is where the idea for my book ‘Eat Beautiful’ came from. In the book I share easy and delicious recipes, beauty advice and my herbal pharmacy. It’s full of insights on how to achieve amazing skin from the inside out . I am a real believer in working with what we have been given, and I know that every person has something uniquely beautiful about themselves that can be maximised and enhanced. I believe that makeup can make anyone the most beautiful version of themselves, whatever that means to them.

I am passionate about creating products that are uncomplicated and easy to use. I know how much a small piece of advice can help – elevating someone’s look can boost their confidence which can, in turn, transform how they present themselves to the world."

On her work with Max Factor….

"In my role as Global Makeup Artist and Creative Director for Max Factor, I have real creative freedom to formulate amazing new products at affordable prices for today’s modern women. Max Factor is one of history’s most famous cosmetics brands globally, so I am grateful to be involved in creating new ranges, thinking about everything from textures and shades to formulas and desired outcomes. Over the years, I’ve seen the needs of women around the world evolve, but one constant is the need for solutions that fit with their ever-changing lifestyle. Makeup is about people looking and feeling great and I really want to translate my vision for the brand into products that do more than just beautify the face, which is why I am also passionate about sharing educational tips and advice on helping them achieve their beauty goals."