Founder and CEO of WINK Models and TheRightFit, Taryn is an inspiration in her home country of Australia and beyond. Having fought her way up as a woman entrepreneur, she has beaten the odds by breaking both the tech world and the media industry in one fell swoop.


“As you get older, you realise that’s just one very, very small part of beauty and there can be a much more holistic view. For me now, beauty is much more about how I feel and about taking care of myself by being mentally well, as well as physically.”

I think when you’re younger, you place more value on wanting to look a particular way. With modelling, you become quite critical of your looks as you’re constantly aware of your better sides and things like that.


Growing up modelling and being on set you learn so many tips and tricks from make-up artists. You learn the benefit of taking care of your skin, little hacks, and you accumulate the best products over the years! I try to keep my beauty routine the same. Simple, clean aesthetics that can take me from day to night because I never know how my day’s going to unfold. It’s for this reason that I keep handy things in my handbag. That way, I can pop on a red lip when I might need to spruce myself up. I start the day with a really beautiful, basic clean look that I can then add to with a bold lip or a darker eye if I want. The products that I love really perform and are longer-lasting and more flattering on mature skin tones. It’s really important to me to wear good-wearing products that look great, as well as being good for my skin. I absolutely love the colours that were chosen for my eyes in the Max Factor advert, as they really highlighted my best feature. TEST


I am the founder and CEO of Wink Models and The Right Fit, and I currently living in Sydney. I founded my first business, Wink Models, when I was 21, and that business now has over 650 models Australia-wide, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. My second company is just over two years old, and it’s a two-sided marketplace for creative talent.

The advice I would give to others who are aspiring to start their own business would be ‘don’t be afraid to ask questions’. Stop worrying about looking like you don’t know everything. This is especially true for women. I think removing that fear for young girls is so important.