Like many women, Louise has been through the relatable journey of battling with insecurities, health issues and body shaming in her younger days as a model. Since becoming a mother, Louise has reclaimed her body and now embraces it; today she continues to model and runs successful blog, ‘Mama’s Still Got It.’


“My attitude towards beauty has changed for the better since I was younger. I look at beauty in a much more positive way now, which obviously I think is brilliant because I’m aging. We all are.”

We understand what looks good on our skin and what make-up suits us. In my teenage years or twenties, I put on ridiculous make-up because it was on-trend, without having the awareness to realise it didn’t suit me. I think back then, I was trying to use make-up as a mask, but once you strip that mask away, that’s when you see your inner beauty.


I think that finding the right colours for you comes with age. There are so many girls I see now wearing foundation or make-up that doesn’t enhance their beauty, and I know eventually those girls, when they’re older, will realise what works best for them. I am much happier to leave the house not wearing a lot of make-up these days. You can’t worry too much about that when you’re on the school run and constantly running around after your kids. Years ago, I wouldn’t be happy to do this but now I think beauty comes from within. Obviously, make-up created by brands Max Factor are great because they enhance what you already have. I think it’s important to find a make-up brand that works for you. Find a brand that really works with your skin tone and colouring. Something that enhances it and your features. I’m a big believer in a bit of highlighter and I think a good bronzer is brilliant. If I was stranded on a desert island, the only thing I’d take with me would be bronzer, not that I would need it on a desert island….

On her experience as a mother and plus size model…

Being a mum, especially in the early years, you’re so sleep-deprived and you’re so wrapped up in your babies needs that you put yourself second or third. You’re not a priority anymore. I remember there was a moment when I was in the height of breastfeeding, up all hours during the night, and I caught myself in the mirror and just thought ‘oh my word, okay, we need to work on this’. Since then I have spent more time working on my skincare routine and finding make-up that is quick and easy to apply.

Despite what I just said, I think becoming a mother has made me feel more beautiful, on the inside. I feel I’ve created something magical, and that’s a lovely feeling.

I feel honoured to be part of this campaign. Honestly, it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something like this with such an incredible brand.