Having started off her professional career as a successful journalist in Poland, tragedy struck which caused her to re-evaluate her life. She turned her attentions towards writing stories and has since become one of the country’s best-selling crime authors, and one of the only women to write crime fiction in Poland.

On her beauty…

“When I was 18, I saw my beauty one way. Then when I became a mother, I saw my beauty differently.”

Now my view on beauty has changed again. I believe when I turn 60 or 80, it will have evolved again still. But it will still be the same because my true beauty comes from within.

On her make-up…

I normally use red lipstick and eyeliner because when I use red lipstick I feel better, I feel stronger. When I was younger I was afraid of red lipstick because it was too intense. Now, I always carry my pen, my mobile phone and a red lipstick as standard. Wendy Rowe has been amazing. She jokes and she’s patient and being in this campaign has made me feel like Cinderella.
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On her experience as an author…

Journalism wasn’t enough for me, as for me, the more interesting thing in life are the stories in between the lines. When you have emotion, when you have love, desire, sometimes hate… for me this is more interesting than what people are saying. I sometimes think about this and I believe that women should make every decision from the gut. Not from the mind or brain, or head, but from the gut.

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