As a very shy child, Jo found her calling and ability to grow in confidence through her acting career. However, she was not always as confident in her beauty. As time has passed and she has amassed life experiences, including travelling the world alone for seven months, she has changed in her perception of beauty, and today believes that she is at her most beautiful and strong yet.

On her beauty…

“For a long time, I scrutinised every single thing on my face and was like, oh my god, there’s a freckle right at the end of my nose and it looks ridiculous. I think you just have to let it go. You are who you are. And when you start to love yourself for who you are, that shines through and other people see you as beautiful.”

It’s only when you really get chatting to someone and get to know them that you realise how amazing people are. Everyone has got their own story and that’s where beauty comes from, isn’t it? Yes, it’s lovely to look beautiful, but it’s also what’s inside.

On her make-up…

With acting as a job, it’s all about confidence. For me personally, if I feel like I look good and my make-up is done well, that really helps with my confidence. I don’t wear a lot of make-up day to day, but I always put mascara on, which makes me feel more confident.
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On her experience as an actress…

I was in the last Max Factor campaign and I feel so lucky to have been asked back because the last campaign was amazing to be part of and to be invited back to join a group of amazing women has made me feel very privileged. I'm really among some amazing people here. It’s really lovely to hear everyone’s stories. Everyone is so unique, and I love that.

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