Originally a model, later in life Cindy decided to embrace a new way of life and a new career path as a yoga instructor. Now a Sivananda and Scaravelli expert, she owns her own studio in West Sussex in the United Kingdom which is going from strength to strength.

On her beauty…

“As I’ve got older, I’ve appreciated the beauty of older women. I think now I can see the beauty in them, especially because older women are more visible in advertising now.”
My aunt is 72 and she started modelling a year ago; how amazing is that? She looks fantastic and she has wrinkles. I look at her and I think, well, you don’t need to be caked in make-up. You don’t have to do have of plastic surgery. You can look amazing without having to do any of that stuff.

I also think if you’re happy in yourself, it totally shows in your face because if you’re happy in yourself, you’re going to walk around with a smile on your face. If you’re smiling and happy, people will generally smile back at you.

On her make-up…

I’m a red-lipstick girl. If I go out, I’ll use a bit of mascara and maybe some tinted moisturiser. But I love the look I have within this advert, as I never look like this. It’s fantastic. Working with Wendy Rowe is great as she’s so sweet - she had loads of tips for me. She is also great when it comes to skin preparation. She cleanses, and not every make-up artist does that. And I think that’s the thing; it’s about making sure your skin is really prepped before you put the make-up on. Once you’ve cleansed your skin and used a great moisturiser, whatever you put on top of that is going to look so much better. You don’t need as much. I think less is more with foundation, too. Especially, as you get older, I find I put less base on now than I’ve ever done ever in my life. Literally just tinted moisturiser. Sometimes, I’ll just put my sunscreen on and then I’ll use cover-up under my eyes, round my nose—the bits where I need it. But I’ll rarely put a whole face of make-up on.

On her work as a yoga teacher…

I found yoga a really good way of allowing my body to feel open and fluid. It’s not just about doing a yoga class. It’s restorative. You’re doing it to feel good in your body. And when everybody is in a class together, we all feel the same. They all seem to leave in a happier place and space. On a personal level, that’s really fulfilling.