Professional adventurer Annelie has been, in her words, the highest and lowest woman on earth: she was the first Swedish woman to climb Mount Everest and also holds the world record in variable weight freediving with a dive to 126 metres.


“I’ve met people who live on the other side of the world but they’re some of the most beautiful I’ve seen because it’s something that comes from inside. I believe it is their kindness that shines through.”

With beauty, there is so much than meets the eye. Even if you meet a person and the first impression is one thing and then you start to talk, you see that there’s so many layers. Everyone’s been through different things and you see how that is reflected in the way they are. I like that.


There’s no make-up in the mountains. You only bring the most necessary stuff. You even cut off your toothbrush. But when I’m on stage, I meet a lot of people and that’s when I use make-up. I love it when I find products that I don’t require much effort. I don’t want to spend half an hour in the morning on my make-up. I’ll spend a maximum of two minutes! You can be glamorous even if you like to be in nature. It’s a nice contrast.

On her experience as an adventurer…

The summit of Everest was a highlight. It’s that view. It’s something you’ll never forget. It’s like being in a totally different world and you get a totally different perspective of yourself and everything else. When you’ve been in a place where not many people have been, you see that the world is so small and so big at the same time. It changes you.

I think most people see the outside adventure as, wow, that must have been a big experience. But inside adventure, how you change from the experience, is sometimes the bigger adventure.