Konstantinos Lytrivis

Konstantinos joined the Greek Max Factor team as lead makeup artist in 2019.

Konstantinos decided that he wanted to get involved with the art of make up when he was 15 years old. Back then he practiced the art of makeup on his twin sister’s face. Thus, after school, while he was studying marketing and business administration at university, he started working as a trainee in private beauty salons.

That was it! He no longer wanted to be an amateur, so he started his studies in make-up art at one of the leading make-up schools in Greece. Konstantinos’ aim was not only to make women more beautiful, but to bring into sight feminine sensuality.

Since 2010 he has offered private make up services to the Greek jet-setters and also works with new Greek fashion designers. He is also the founder and CEO of a boutique promoting exclusive brands for skincare, cosmetics, fragrance and, of course make up, in the center of Athens. His boutique serves also as an e-shop.

On his work with Max Factor:

“Max Factor is one of the most famous make-up brands globally. I am grateful to be a member of Max Factor’s family and serve as the ambassador of its legacy in the Greek market. “